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    Just checked the internet for holidays in finland. Nope, no holidays today. ;)
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    NML 2.6 as popular as Theresa May!
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    @CRUSH I don't think they would want to give out the numbers for the costs of upgrades just yet.

    Think will just have to wait it out until after the update to get a more concrete answer from players
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    A small amount of gold and going by the value they put on character tokens I'm guessing between 50 and 100 gold and will probably keep increasing or else ptp will have pink star characters in no time
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    If it's cheaper than 160 gold for the 2nd purchase then the 800 TG for the 1st purchase need to lower too, else it didn't justify.
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    @crush. Teeceezy told me in pm that NG does not like to publish numbers like that before an update.

    We just need to keep working on them with that but I have a feeling it would be easier to get a crack addict to go straight then to get NG to see the light on that subject.
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    It will be a lot nothing is cheap with ng
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    > @KaLi said:
    > @CRUSH I don't think they would want to give out the numbers for the costs of upgrades just yet.
    > Think will just have to wait it out until after the update to get a more concrete answer from players

    This was also stated here by teeceezy. As are multiple other things that people swear they read this thread but didn't see.
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    CRUSH said:

    .... the costs are something between hilarious and ridiculous.


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    All I can say about that is wow, really?
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    I PMed you.
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    I did not do my calendar math, but I really hope for the update not do go online on Monday since I need that day for reaching my goal in the challenge.
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    Steeboon said:

    @gespuer updates usually come on Tuesday

    You never know.
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    Rule #1 of business---Make money. While some of them may say customer satisfaction is #1, it's not. Need to make money first so you can keep customers happy. And of course you can't make everyone happy, but a goal to keep a certain percentage happy, and spending, is what keeps a business....in business.

    Despite what some are saying, NG is not death spiraling, they have a solid base of gamers, and many hundred thousands of them are NOT on the forums, and they spend maybe not as much as some here, but a hundred thousand buying just 1 gas booster a week dwarfs what all the forum members spend that same week, from my perspective. Doesn't mean NG doesn't appreciate the views from many here, and their interaction with us here should make that perfectly clear. But doesn't make forum members the 'player base'. To put that title on yourself is a selfish assumption. Thier player base is everyone who plays the game regularly, and at times supports the game by spending a little $$.

    I held off upgrading survivors when we could after council lvl20 update, and focused on upgrading lvl21 base gear, yeah I tried to keep an advantage by doing that, and now I'm wishing I would have focused more on survivors instead. Oh well, that was a mistake on MY part, because I should have known the game would progress, didn't think it would be this soon, but I can't dictate to a company how they should progress their game.

    It's their game, they do have the final decision on how they envision the future of the game will evolve. Not me. I may be a little upset, based on what I decided to do, when stuff progresses too quickly and it doesn't coincide with how I decided to play the game, but I'm not gonna throw a tantrum or throw insults to them.

    I'm gonna adjust my play style to what's coming, and still spend countless hours every week playing a game that I still find enjoyable. Maybe this update will keep me playing as I have, maybe not. But if not, I always have the option to simply 'opt out' of the game. And I'll do it quietly, not come to the forums and make snide comments and insults to the company employees. I'll act like a decent individual and make constructive statements, or not say anything at all. There's no excuse for being rude and juvenile, doesn't matter how 'butt-hurt' you are, because of decisions on how you decided to play the game. And yeah that's my opinion on the matter.

    This update, and from what I hear, the next update or 2 will be pretty revolutionary to the game, and even tho I may not particularly like another council upgrade this soon, I will still play and be excited for what's to come.

    Very well said @stuffnthangs
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