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    Does anyone have a list of the council updates [workshop/training grounds] of 2016? It would be nice to have so we can prepare for the next one.

    This question was also asked here and am posting here too in case not everyone is following the other thread.

    I looked at the version history in the app and it looks like we could have another council update in October but I'm not sure if all council updates impacted the workshop/training grounds last year.

    I know a lot of you track things, just not sure who. ;)

    If this has been discussed or asked in another thread, my apologies.
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    Why so fast we must upgrade heroes and equipment? This is very bad decission from NG. How many lvl up in one year??!!
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    @Captainslayer what happen to ol buddy I think you made him quit the forum lol
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    So when is the update? Monday or Tuesday? @Teeceezy
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    srmcn1031 said:

    So when is the update? Monday or Tuesday? @Teeceezy

    Tuesday...as always.
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    Praise to the god of moonshine, Rufus, that there are some positive comments in this thread!
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    WeekOne said:

    For those of you who think NG is going down and everything is doom and gloom, well... I just found an article that kinda says otherwise.

    Here's a quote from the article:

    Over 16 million players have immersed themselves in the life and death struggle of The Walking Dead: No Man's Land

    Click here to view article!

    I've been playing with an alt account and am very much enjoying it. The problem, as stated by many, is not the new players but the maxed out players and as maxed out players; if we look at past updates and plan/prepare ahead, we might not be as shocked when a new council update comes around.

    For me.... I am planning for another council update this year... this way, I won't be shocked. Maybe October? I don't know but I am going to plan for it.

    I agree this last council update came too soon... I was not ready for it and when I read the 2.6 notes, I litterally wanted to vomit. Having said that, I have calmed down since and am ready for it; whether I want it or not... not much I can do right, it's out of my control!

    The game is evolving and we need to either evolve with it or not. That's a choice we make.

    Going forward, I will be a little more frugal with my spending on this game, will be pacing myself a little better, and because of that will continue to enjoy it.

    I love new things and can't wait to be looking for other survivors, etc...

    Have a good one folks!

    Kk... you should look up NXTGMS:FH on your favorite investment management website and connect the dots for urself...
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    I read through several pages of post about the update and most were negative. I personally welcome the update. I have no issues with new character traits, although I am already established with my main players, if I get a legendary survivor with any new traits during a radio call I will gladly try them out. The new weapons traits sound interesting. Yes, I bought the pitchfork and Daryl's crossbow but when I purchased them I was well aware there would eventually be an update so that's not something I can get angry about and blame on NG. New missions, more gas, an additional supply storage warehouse and less hospital time are always welcome. Don't get me wrong I am greedy and would have liked to see a few additional things added to the update. 1) the ability to replay chapter missions (yes I will continue to mention this on every post I make :blush: ) 2) an armor trait of fire resistance for my melee players (especially now with the new incendiary bullets.) 3) an increase in radio phones rewards from mission boxes and to also have radios avaliable as movie rewards (I have been super unlucky with getting radio phone rewards for the past couple of months) 4) The ability to buy a token that allows you to ditch one of your survivors traits and switch it for another trait. 5) The ability to buy an additional level upgrade for a weapon that you have. I am not talking about weapons I have paid for I can eventually rebuy those, if I choose to, there are a few weapons that I acquired from gold or legendary boxes I would love to upgrade. 6) The ability for my heroes to use a secondary weapon from another class, for example, you sell Daryl's diamond dagger (or somehing like that) but as far as I know Daryl can't use it (correct me if I am wrong with that). The way it would work is the hero would equip a secondary weapon before entering a mission and while playing the mission they would have the option to use one of their turns to switch to their secondary weapon. I also have thought that heroes should get special bonuses for using their weapons (i.e. Daryl's crossbow and Negan's Lucille) I saw someone else had the same thought and mentioned this in a post a while back. I have been playing this game everyday since labor day 2016 (I probably would have started playing sooner but the phone I was using prior to that was from the dark ages LOL). I look forward to seeing what you have in store for us next. Thank you NG for the update.
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    sbf said:

    ... Teeceezy Your comments on this thread generally only address the positive comments about the update. Why is it that you are not addressing the concerns of the players here?...

    That's exactly what I was thinking while reading all these posts. I'm sure that this is one of the badest way to deal with customers.
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    "Having to grind for supplies and XP again is not new content."
    "Seems that we will also see new content in form of new missions, but the new traits aren't nor is the new council level."

    I am glad that you DO agree with me, though it seems you are in disagreement with yourself.
    Point is, YES, new content will be available with 2.6. As requested.

    "I am sure many would be glad to be able to trade in a trait to get one of the new ones or to get one or two survivors of our highest rarity and level for free... would be fun to try something new."

    Yes, that would be very comfortable right? I mean if that happened, the top end game players, will still be top end gamers, without any effort and/or pesky grinding. And with shiny new survivors. Without any challenge!
    Don't get me wrong, I would love that to happen, but it's kinda against everything that stands for reason in the gaming industry.

    "And good luck trying to keep a company doing great if you make your customers unhappy"

    SOME customers Jaden! Some! I know some of us think that we are special because we started the game at launch, but in fact I expect numbers in the hundreds (if not less) compared to new players that are probably in thousands and do not even care about forum ramblings but they do purchase that extra gas and the soon outdated bundles.

    So you see Jaden... you do kind of agree with me, but still choose to fantasize about unrealistic rewards...

    Regarding my conclusion, allow me to rephrase it, maybe you will find it more fitting:

    NG will look out for their best interest. You should look out for yours. Whether you chose to quit or continue playing, make an educated choice and do not complain about it.
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    A statement from the 2.6 update announcement
    "With a full team of level 22 Survivors or Heroes, the weekly Challenge starts at difficulty 15."

    @Teeceezy I have a question.

    Does this mean that the difficulty level depends upon the number of level 22 survivors in your playing team of three? If I have all level 22 survivors on the playing team, the difficulty level would be 15. If I have a level 21 on the playing team, it would start at 14

    Previously it was said that the difficulty would change from 14 to 15, if you have more than 2 level 21 survivors on your roster. Has this condition been done away with. What if I have a playing team of three of level 21 survivors/ heroes, what would be the starting difficulty level?

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    @zeeblack It's the same as it has been before - depends on the amount of a certain level survivor in your roster.
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    @zeeblack maybe this one helps?!
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    @CRUSH The upgrade costs & cost for repeat purchasing Hero tokens will be apparent come update time. Like it was said in a previous comment in this thread, we don't tend to reveal numbers before an update. But yes, alive and kicking.

    @PR0DJ Pinpointing the bug means digging in to the code and finding what's causing it. So with all due respect, I'll stay with my initial comment.

    @gespuer Thanks for your feedback. I didn't feel like I was also addressing "positive" questions, but I did take the weekend off.

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