My Current Survivors Are Broken - A Plea

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@Teeceezy @Shteevie

Please forgive the cheeky title and category and hear me out.

I'm a fan of most of the updates in 2.6, but there is one glaring exception. I've put in countless hours and some real money to get my survivors to where they are now (Mostly either 1 or 2 Pink/Elite level). The new Ruthless trait sounds really interesting and could potentially be a "must have" for some classes like Scout, Shooter etc.

The fact that my current survivors have no pathway to acquiring these traits is extremely disheartening (truth be told it feels like a kick in the gut to a dedicated player). I know that I have the option to pick up the Ruthless trait via Armor, but the way that the trait is described in the Update Notes it seems that the Armor trait would stack beautifully with the Survivor trait:

Survivor - Ruthless: Your charge attacks do 10% more damage. [Upgradeable to 45%]

Armor - Ruthless: Your charge attacks do [10/20/30]% more damage.
Note: A survivor with Ruthless and this armor trait would add the values of these traits together to determine the final damage bonus.

Add the values of the traits together? Holy mackerel, thats a huge combined attack bonus! But one with my current Survivors that I can NEVER leverage.

I've listened to Daryl and @Shut_Up and will always provide solutions when I voice a criticism so here are my proposed solutions:

1. This solution is the most Long-Time/Dedicated player friendly. Make these new traits specific to Armor ONLY. 2 out of the 4 new traits are already coded for Armor (Ruthless and Incendiary Bullets). In this way ALL players and Survivors can consume and enjoy these new traits equally. Credit to @vshield50 for being the first person that I heard voice this option.

2. This is the C.R.E.A.M. solution. I get it, NG is a business. I have zero problems with this. Give the option to Long-Time/Dedicated players to purchase the option to trade in one of their existing traits of their choosing to select one of the new traits in its place.

Please NG, I implore you, give us some kind of pathway to enjoy these great new traits on our current Elite survivors!

Appreciate your time,



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    I agree with everything...i said it before and i'm here again. It will be not easier to add a sixth trait to survivors?
    If i will have luck it will be ruthless but maybe also dodge if i had not dodge before....
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    We've played around with the concept in the office a bit, and it's not an easy one to commit to, or to commit to not doing.

    The main issue is that the amount that we would need to price this feature at would likely either be untenable by the business side of things, or out of reach for most players. It's hard to find a middle point, and the amount of number-crunching that would be needed is significant; not to mention that the team in question is already overbooked for the foreseeable future.

    We do want to create reasons for players to have more than 1 or 2 "A-teams" of great survivors and a bunch of others that never get trained or upgraded. So perhaps, once hose features are in place, the survivors you will choose for your 3rd or further teams will have these new traits.

    We also want to provide depth and variety in player experience, without creating a situation where all players end up with identical teams. A feature that let the players edit the traits on their survivors or gear has the danger of allowing the latter to happen, and would have to be extremely limited or controlled in its use in order to prevent this from happening.

    As a player, I want there to always be new things in the radio calls and gear boxes so that i don't ever feel like I have seen everything. I also want to feel like every call or crate could result in something that I will want to use on my team.

    As a business, we want players to remain engaged in the radio calls and gear crates, so that the gameplay doesn't get stale from only using the same handful of survivors all the time. We want players to feel like making radio calls and opening crates are fun to do, so that all players are excited about the rewards that they get from missions. Of course, we would also like a few players to decide to pay to make more calls and collect more gear to progress faster, but everyone should see their teams improve over time. We are also looking at ways to broaden the possibilities for using and upgrading your team past XP and tokens. We'll only implement the ideas that have the possibility to keep players engaged and playing for a very long time.

    I hope that helps explain the ways we see the issue, and the motives behind the changes and additions we are making in this area of the game.
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    @Shteevie I appreciate very much the detailed and well thought out response. I can't help being a little disappointed, but you did shed some insight from the perspective of NG. I've said my piece and needed to get that off my chest. I'm going to do my best to go forward into Update 2.6 with an open mind. Many thanks for hearing me out.
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    How about new training option in training grounds that for a price/time let survivors forget a choosen trait. I mean if you force your playerbase to either scrap their multiple pink surviviors or just keep going with their "handicaped, you wont be getting new stuff ever, haha screw you" teams then guess whats gonna happen. Most of them gonna leave and thats it. Im a new player but thats exactly what i would have done in such situtation.
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    Bah humbug =(
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