The Rumors of the Demise of the NML Guild Council Have Been Greatly Exaggerated

The NML Guild Council (GC) was formed in July 2016 in an effort to provide players with a direct voice to Next Games developers. We currently have over 50 representatives speaking for hundreds of guilds and thousands of players.

Our intent from the beginning has been to work with Next Games to help improve the game from a players perspective in order to make a better experience for players and guilds and to stop the churn we were feeling back then.

A good many of us in the GC are in daily contact with Next Games. At times it has been contentious, but for the most part it has been civil and productive. We haven't gotten all the changes we requested but feel we have influenced some improvements along the way.

We welcome any guilds not currently represented in the GC to join us. If you are an elder or leader of your guild, please contact @masmith93 for more information.

Please use this thread to discuss any items you feel could or should be addressed by the GC. (The original thread can be mothballed.)


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    Artisans said:

    There's power in numbers. Let your voice be heard! :)

    I don´t want to discourage you, but I believe the only numbers with power are now the stockholders...
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    Legendary Gear

    20 to 21 1.12M
    21 to 22 1.33M (18.75% increase)
    22 to 23 1.54M (15.79% increase)
    23 to 24 1.75M (13.64% increase)
    24 to 25 should be lower than 13.64% increase... if equal to 13.64% then it's 1.99M

    Epic Gear

    17 tp 18 487.5K
    18 to 19 650K (33% increase)
    19 to 20 845K (30% increase)
    20 to 21 1.04M (23% increase)
    21 to 22 1.23M (18.27% increase)
    22 to 23 ?
    23 to 24 ?

    Can anyone help fill in the blanks?

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    Teeceezy said:

    Survivor training costs for level 21 to 22 will be less than a 15% increase.

    20 to 21 is 1.97M
    21 to 22 at 15% increase is 2.26M

    Thank you for that info @Teeceezy

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    I personally would like to thank the GC . I know you work hours of your personal time to help insure that we the players are heard and that things with the game get fixed .. it's through your sacrifice of your game time we get heard and get to TRY to enjoy the game !!
    It's players like @prodj that formulate the game stats that help prove the inconsistency with the game ( nerfing) that we notice but don't have the knowledge of how to prove it that helps the GC help us.
    Someone said there is " no power in the numbers of us coming together "
    I think your wrong in that . I know this is a global game , in my guild FAMILY we have people from all over the world .. if we all come together and listen to the GC and there advice to initiate change such as :
    1. Spending freezes
    2. Not watching adds for more crate prizes
    This takes money away from NG on a global level

    If we believe that an amount of TG are to high for the benefit of what there offering
    And we all come together and avoid the purchase of the item and let the GC go to bat on our behalf I do believe the amounts will be lessened

    But it dose and will take all of us working together to prove it !!
    Listening to the GC helps us all

    Again my heart felt thanks to the GC for helping to make this game fun for us to play , for encouraging me not to lose hope and quit the game altogether, for recognizing how much it takes to build a weapon to a suitable strength just to have a UPDATE come out and that weapon turns to crap .. but guess what boys in girls you can BUY a new one from NG to build for $20, 30 sometimes even $50 dollars and start building that one all over again !!!

    I'm biting my tongue trying to remain nice and level headed here so I'm going to bring this to a close .

    But NG I hope for the sake of the game, your wallets and your stockholders wallets that you do listen to the GC .. you have lost a lot of wonderful and supportive players and right now stand to lose many more !!
  • liannalwilbertliannalwilbert Member Posts: 10
    Even if the items don't get to progress... keep them from nerfing there power ... at least give us some time to enjoy our hard work and xp spending !!!

    To me all NG accomplishes with this is making me mad
  • liannalwilbertliannalwilbert Member Posts: 10
    My post was cut off ..

    And not wanting to upgrade anything !!
    If I don't need to upgrade I don't need to spend the money boosting gas and double xp ... or the gold it takes to finish an upgrade when my xp fills !!
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    @Bill_ZRT ...i have all upgraded to 21 and i use to earn 150 stars less than every player at lvl 20... That's not new... I'm not sure what i missed about GC contribution on that... I remember @Teeceezy announcing changes at end game stats ten days ago..maybe GC worked on that? But after the changes everything is still worst imo... :/
    Anyway..i'm only a rodent. Better for me to leave this thread and hide back to Off Topic... :|

    Edited to add: who disagreed my previous post? I can't see in this device...
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    @xbamfx The eq cap lift has been brought up continually since the cap was lifted on survivors, and even prior to that. It doesn't look like it's something they will do.

    I still think that eq should have addition traits, just like survivors. No idea why leg/epic eq has the same number of traits as a rare.
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