Revamp outpost system

This is my first posting in this forum. I'm pretty sure all my suggestions regarding the outpost system were already mentioned several times before.

1. Let us upgrade our walkers to levels way above the highest possible player level.
2. Give us access to all walker types (Spikes, Flames a.s.o.)
3. Let us customize the design of the outpost from the ground up. I want some more Dungeon Keeper like feeling and control over every walker and fence. The allways repeating designs are getting very boring.
4. Maybe we could also get some traps like in some of the missions?
5. Give us the option to play a training mission with our own outpost.
6. Last but least i want to be able to leave a short message to the owner of an outpost after a successful raid. Today i raided an outpost from a player with a username gloryfying the soccer player i hated the most when i was a kid. Normally i just go for the tg but not this time. I would love to leave a message after such an occurence.


  • zerosouLzerosouL Member Posts: 190
    Its time to finally get some love for our outposts
  • MattOfEarthMattOfEarth Member Posts: 632
    100% agree. I've been hoping and praying they would someday let us test run our own outpost, or at least watch a replay of a raid. Outposts seem to have been long forgotten by NG.
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  • HomelessHomeless Member Posts: 8
    Sounds like a good idea. What do you think about getting to customize your base/camp more though? I'd like this kind of system for the outpost and then to be able to upgrade walls and the camp. Maybe It's too advanced? I dunno
  • AmigaAmiga Member Posts: 3,770
    I like first 3 points. we definitely need more walkers with higher lvl. More walkers type.. Hell yeah.
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  • DakaminDakamin Member Posts: 109
    Point 5: Test run our own defense. Should cost no gas, and no hospital time. But I would settle for 1 gas and reduced hospital time if thats what it takes to finally get to test different layout ideas.
  • CoonCoon Member Posts: 282
    If test run is asking to much atEast be able to watch a replay of raids.
  • MattOfEarthMattOfEarth Member Posts: 632
    Also, a "Revenge" run on someone who recently raided your outpost would be awesome.
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  • coralcoral Member Posts: 14
    I'm just about ready to quit the game over the outpost issues. It seems that after an update, the traits and characteristics of equipment and survivors are not effective. Then there's the uneven pilfering of influence. I played 3 raids recently to get 10 influence tokens, only to lose 58 by the same guy within 3 minutes. I thought there were suppose to be shields for active players. It's extremely frustrating as I'm trying to his 8000 again. This might be the last straw.
  • Kmover26Kmover26 Member Posts: 169
    How about adding a replay feature, so after a loss we could view what worked and what didn't, plus maybe learn different staggers of attack.
  • zerosouLzerosouL Member Posts: 190

    Can we get any kind of response? How hard it would be to at least implement higher level of walkers...cmon.
  • DriftingdeathDriftingdeath Member Posts: 27
    I would like the option to add and remove walkers, some times they only help the player in the final section as they charge up their powers. Well that's what I use them for when I attack.
    The ability to use them in different ways like hung on the gates for the final section...... on the inside so they have to be dealt with at the same point they deal with our people.
    I.e. A trap..... as one of the other posters suggested.
    A cage around the signal tower that we can fill they have to open on a timer like other maps could be an upgrade we can save for. Again a trap we can have our walkers release at that time only......
    Extra map components that we can place on our maps again all collectible, you could even put them in special missions as rewards, out post fence, out post gate, outpost wood fence, spiked Armour upgrades, maybe with limited duration or max uses.

    I like the idea of limited use upgrades we can scavenge from missions, they could also be used for our main camps to have effects on walkers that arrive around camp, say an auto kill trap for our camp that can kill 50-500 walkers before it collapses. So it collects walker rewards while we are away......

    But the greatest interest would still be for outpost limited use upgrades, they could even have their own mission type, or one upgrade type is hidden in each area of the game, so you can only get them all if your an active player.......
    They could be placed in chapters, outpost missions, challenge missions and specials.
    Some can be tempory upgrades for our main camp some for our outpost....

    I would also like a real world view of out outposts for editing and picking not the simplified view we get now.
  • CoonCoon Member Posts: 282
    edited July 2017
    > @coral said:
    > I'm just about ready to quit the game over the outpost issues....
    >It's extremely frustrating...
    >...might be the last straw!

    Sad. Why can't the GM have pity on the poor man's emotions!? All the anguish caused by this issue! Just improve the outpost situation already! Do it for Coral if yall have any heart at all!
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