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Is there any way i can find out how many building points i get for upgrading a certain building??

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  • PoppyPoppy Member Posts: 1,146
  • David_H79David_H79 Member Posts: 1,866
    Maybe ask the statistic cracks. :)
    @OneLessTitan @DoTak @DLich
  • MinistrMinistr Member Posts: 105
    edited June 2017
    The charts on OLTs site were out of date at one point. His site is still awesome though! And it looks like they are pretty much caught up now except for the 2.6 building upgrades.
  • WhispererWhisperer Member Posts: 103
    edited June 2017
    Thx @DLich thats everything i needed.
    Also thanks to @OneLessTitan for statistics..
  • MinistrMinistr Member Posts: 105
    edited June 2017
    Nevermind, looks like it has been updated since I last tried to read it. Carry on, and again OLT rocks the house.
  • TransmuteJunTransmuteJun Member Posts: 2,191
    ONce the council is upgraded, what else is available to upgrade? Training Grounds, Workshop, Hospital...? Doesn't seem like that is enough to get us up to level 63...?
  • David_H79David_H79 Member Posts: 1,866
    Yes that's all.
    I'm not there but @Movado mentioned you need the hospital to reach level 63.
  • AvengersAvengers Member Posts: 674
    Can't find the thread where I saw this but there is a mistake in the chart and I don't want someone under the impression to upgrade stupidly thinking these values are right.
    Having 21,21,20 means you start at RSL 15 and repeat at 20. Similarly, 22,20,20 means starting RSL is 15 and you repeat at 20. Others are right though :)
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  • gespuergespuer Member Posts: 1,565
    Thanks @Avengers . The chart was here posted by Bill_ZRT on page 8 on June 8.
  • l2wannabel2wannabe Member Posts: 546
    @OneLessTitan Is there any changes to this since the new update 2.7? I have a member in my guild asking me which is the best order of upgrading to do to get to level 45.
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