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    Yeah well they need more than one messenger. Passing the buck isn't helping the view many of us have of NG management. What happens when you go on vacation and Ng does something unpopular which you know NG is quite capable of doing!

    You should definitely ask for a raise because I bet no one else from NG wants to take over the role of messenger.
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    Bill_ZRT said:

    It would be nice if some people stopped shooting you, though.

    No one shoots at HIM. But if NG is the state, then he is the cop...
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    That sucks :(
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    Well, personally I like tcz. But when you wallow in the pig sty, we all know how you end up smelling. So maybe it's time to see him the same way as the team for which he fronts, like he keeps reminding us to when this stuff comes up. Ok, I'm persuaded. Life is full of choices, and many bad actions were excused by "just doing the job" so shame, shame, shame. I'll have to retract a few comments on some private chats to reflect my new point of view.
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    I'm with [Content Creator]! (I'm too lazy to look up the name)

    I quit using his/her reasons.


    (Plays on second account - hey, I can't let go of 3.6k phones...)
    IGN: Jerq
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    Cheers @GrimGael, I like you too. :)
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    Just wrote a nice (sizeable!) response in praise of @Japes87 and adding my own opinions. It's been pulled! Truth must be difficult.
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    If you try and edit too many times in a short time period posts will go to the spam filter for some reason. Were you editing post when it disappeared?

    Look around you - NG allows a lot of criticism here. I swore at them several times yesterday, which I don't usually do, but did not receive so much as a warning. Unless you are overly toxic /offensive or violate 8 rules in one post I doubt you were censored.
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    Its a damned game @Japes87. Thankfully for you and me too, you're done with it! At least you said you were like @Papacas only to shit us all up and stir up H8. This is a direct challenge from me to both of you. Since I am the only loser in this whole community who is tired of reading your lengthy bitching smears, do me a solid, go back to your life as it were. No more dumps from you. Japes you are a former guildmate of mine and you were absolutely inconsolably miserable 4 months ago before you put your suffering to an end and stepped away. Like Antonio Bandaras said in Desparado: "If you want to go..... go now!"
    Nothing personal to you papycas i dont know you but same thing. You quit. You left. Then you didn't. Time for you to go.
    This was a truly regrettable post from me. I am embarrased in my tone and choice of words. The drive by on @Papacas also shows my loss of decorum. I won't explain what intent were such as that fucks up a sincere apology. I think @Vudnik is right in that I need to step away from the forms for my own. Apologies to @Papacas and @Japes87 for me not stopping my frustration and posting such a thoughtless angry tone.
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    @Mabiki Thanks, you're right. I edited one letter in one word, too soon after the initial post I guess. It's a shame I didn't capture the text before posting because I reamed them a new arsehole!

    Negative, though constructive, criticism falls on deaf ears here any way.

    Good luck everyone! :)
    We're gonna need it!
    Ooops, forgot - they nerfed luck.
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    It may show up tomorrow. You can also tag a mod and they may be able to speed it up.
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