Petition to stop buying $packages and watching ads, NG needs to acknowledge long time players.

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After reading the great post from japes that hit the nail on the head I propose all players that understand what's going on with these update nerfs, ruining our current survivor lineup by adding new survivor qualities and never making it worth it to rebuild a new gaggle of survivors by recycling high end pink star survivors now with old traits that will never match up to the new survivor traits because we're not given proper recycling values to rebuild these new survivors with new survivors and their new traits..

This was a good game with a great community ruined by unneeded innovation and greed unfairly targeting long time players. NG is giving us the finger every time they upgrade. @Teeceezy , still waiting for that michonne piercing trait fixed, obviously is at the bottoms of the list of your worries now that the sword will never be able to be a level 25 because it was sold in a previous release.

Please share your opinions on the matter of this petition and refer to the issues brought up by @Japes87 post.

When we recycle a highly upgraded survivor we should be able to transfer all points, pink stars and %upgrades of traits to these newly nerves survivors with new traits.

Phones need to be more readily available.

The rating in app stores of this game needs to be dragged down by our disgust NG's greed. Go give your rating, we can easily creat change by cutting off their profit collection and their game ratings and I suggest ratings be given appropriately to ALL NG games just because of the treatment the players from this ONE nml's NG game all from the disrespect of their player base in this one game. We essentially are NG's shareholders and we need to put our collective foot down. Like or disagree depending on your own feelings on this nerf upgrade, and continue to post below, REMEMBER: stop the revenue stream, stop purchasing packages and stop watching their ads. Let's strangle their liquidity.
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    Why don't you just stop playing. That'll help your cause.
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    I see what the OP is saying, though. If you purchase a weapon package with a lvl 21 weapon for example (upgradeable to lvl 24), as the game progresses with updates that weapon will be outdated in the future. It would be nice to have an option to upgrade that weapon you bought to say level 25, 26 etc (as new updates come out)...maybe with gold or trade goods?
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    I wish I could do what @Japes87 and scrap my pinks and delete the game but I'm not there yet. Ive become a very casual playier and just open to collect supplies , weekly missions, some challenges. This update left me no incentive and the total greed with the lack of phones, tokens, scrap value, bugs,disgust me! Would be awesome if the community got together cause money does talk. The money I have spent lately has shown no progress game so I'm done.
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