Some ideas that came up in guild chat

Hey everyone,

I would like to propose some interesting ideas that went around in guild chat:

Flame resistant armor: Mitigates or gives a chance to ignore fire damage (mostly useful for melee classes)
A weapon that has a chance to knock back zombies, possible add-on, you can choose the direction in which they get knocked, could lead to some interesting strategies.
A melee ranged hybrid: either a class that has a close ranged weapon and can switch to melee on the charge ability, with some great tactical choices to be made.
Or a class that can throw its melee weapon on a charge attack like throwing knives of some sort.


  • bigmacbigmac Member Posts: 131
    A nice idea. Fix bayonets, the potential to add melee attack to a ranged weapon rifles and assaults or even pistol whip, I remember seeing Rick run out of ammo and jamming his hand Cannon right through Walkers eye and killing him.
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