Midsummer Mayhem

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Midsummer Mayhem

Midsummer Mayhem community event is beginning! As a community you need to kill over 1 BILLION walkers during the event to reach the amazing final reward: the exclusive GOLDEN Lucille.

Walker kills performed by all players in all missions will be counted towards the total.

Event rewards:

Defeat 500 million walkers - Reward: 25 Bruiser Tokens, 25 Hunter Tokens, 25 Scout Tokens and 1,000 Trade Goods
Defeat 750 million walkers - Reward: 50 Bruiser Tokens, 50 Hunter Tokens, 50 Scout Tokens and 2,500 Trade Goods
Defeat 1 BILLION walkers - Reward: 75 Bruiser Tokens, 75 Hunter Tokens, 75 Scout Tokens, 3,500 Trade Goods and an exclusive Epic Golden Lucille!

We will update the kill count in the in-game news section every day. The event ends on Wednesday, June 28, at 12 PM UTC.

Join the community in order to reach the highest reward!

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