Equipment count in workshop screen

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Can i request with some urgency that there is a counter included in the "Workshop" section of the actual numbers of equipment a player currently holds.

i wasnt aware of any limits of the maximum number of equipment, and there was no warnings that i had reached / exceeded that limit. And on logigng pack in i got a pop up telling me just that and it had scrapped about 20 items automatically.

problem is the scrapping process is not very good, it scrapped my hunter weapon i regularly use, whilst it was rare (as only one wit interupt) which was upgraded to lev 16, when i had plenty of lev 16 uncommon or lev 15 rare weapons and armours not upgraded it could of screapped which are useless currently, but it's logic is it sees y lev 16 gun as a lev 13 i assume and scrapped it!!!

this really impacts in the challenge!

Also a second suggestion is rather than just allowing you to accumulate more than the allotted allowance of equipment (if you even need a limit), should implement a similar system to that used with survivors when you get one and have no free slots, if you want to keep it you have to hit manage and make room else you just scrap!

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