Mayhem in-game description

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Not everyone who plays game is on forum. Description says exclusive golden Lucille. This may confuse folks and result n rush to forum to rant n protest. Why not add the word 'epic' now and nip the protests b4 out the gate?

Unless it's really a legend, then i will wash egg off later

Edit: The pic says exclusive
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  • WalkerballzWalkerballz Member Posts: 1,896
    It's most likely the color of the bat lmao!
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    It actually does say epic golden lucille. If ppl continue reading the in-game announcement and see what each levels rewards are, it's listed in the grand prize.
    Now why some are still confused after that is beyond me as Epic is a rarity and golden, well, is not.

    And noted that you'd like to keep the protests at bay - but you've seen this forum. There will be protests no matter what for what basically amounts to a free gift.
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