Who remembers the first ever featured video?

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I was looking back through some of my older videos and came across this https://youtu.be/Cfknyw3w99Q I miss that hair :'( My set up was so bad but I sure was excited to have an opportunity to get a video featured in game! I'm glad I won that feature because this was the first and the last opportunity the content creators had to get a video featured in game. You have no idea how awesome it felt to open my favorite game and see something I created featured. It really felt like I was apart of the team. This kind of interaction is what made the game and the company so unique in my opinion and I feel like somewhere along the way we lost this. The content creator program had so much potential!

I know the community was disappointed with some of the paid YouTube promotions NG chose to feature in game but how would everybody feel if the content creators (committed players who actually know and love the game @Terminates @painclasher @Poppy @Spindig ) had the opportunity to get regularly featured videos?

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