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I don't mind watching a few adds to gain some extra rewards, if I did I wouldn't watch em. However I don't want to watch adds for games glorifying Hitler and the Nazis. This game appears to be titled "My War" similar to Hitler's book "Mien Kampf"(My Struggle). The world has been a better place without Hitler, TWD No Mans Land will be a better game without this ad.


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    Thanks for the report @Travis are you on iOS or Android?
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    I thought this ad was strange too
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    > @zbot said:
    > Thanks for the report @Travis are you on iOS or Android?

    I'm on iOS. Thanks
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    I also get an ad, maybe for the same thing, that tells me I can choose either Hitler's or Stalin's side... pretty awkward. (I'm on Android.)

    Or at least I used to, haven't seen it in awhile.
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    I don't even know what the ads are for. I'm just waiting to see the little x in the top right corner. But, yeah...that's pretty f-ed up.
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    Still getting this ad
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    If looks like an alright game
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    This Insulting Ad "war smoke" came back. Please remove it @Teeceezy
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    Thanks for the report @JackBauer.
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    I can't believe how ignorant some of you are. It's not "glorifying" Hitler OR the Nazis to have them in a GAME.

    These were REAL things and REAL people. Yes, TERRIBLE stuff DID happen. This isn't about's about a WWII GAME. Are you wanting to remove Hitler and Nazis from the history books? Want to sweep it under the rug and pretend like it never happened so you can go about your day without being a butt-hurt social justice warrior who is offended by anything and EVERYTHING?

    It's history. It's a part of us whether you like it or not. If you don't like the game, don't play it. I don't because I have no interest in playing it. Not because I'm offended by it, but because it simply doesn't appeal to me. Not learning from the past is a nearly certain way of seeing that those events are repeated. Did you ever stop to think that maybe this game is HELPING to shed light on what atrocities actually took place. I'm sure there are people out there every day that Google search who Hitler and Stalin were and what they did. I'm also sure that some of these people asked those questions because of the game.

    Everyone knows about Hitler and the dozen million or so people he killed but even fewer are aware of how many Stalin killed. Some estimates are as high as 60 million, but most "experts" and researchers tend to agree with a number about half of that...which is still nearly THREE times as many as Hitler.

    What about Mao Zedong killing 45 million people? Even fewer are aware of that. What about the U.S. and it's treatment of Japanese-Americans shortly after the bombing of Pearl Harbor and the camps that they were sent to.

    History is not all rainbows and unicorns as you would like it to be and if you look hard enough to find the dirt on someone or something it WILL be found.
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    That's kind of a weird first thing to post about...

    I'm not a "butt-hurt social justice warrior" but as a German, I find it awkward, to say the least, to see an ad like that.

    We are taught in school about it ad nauseam - so much that at one point it seemed to me there was no other topic than WWII, Hitler and Nazis. Maybe wherever you come from you don't get taught about Hitler. In Germany, we do.

    Don't preach to me about not learning from the past. The app actually advertises that you can write your own history in this game and put the history books aside. So how exactly - other than making Neo-Nazis happy - do you think that will do anything to shed light on history?

    No one in their right mind thinks that history is all unicorns and rainbows, but this app is glorifying WWII atrocities from all sides. Read the description, watch the adds... maybe then you will see what some people are upset about.

    "Collect" WWII leaders and make them conquer any country you like. Rewrite history. Sounds a lot like learning from history - not.

    I'm fine with people playing that but for various reasons, I don't want to see Hitler popping up on my screen very frequently, especially not in this context.

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    Wasn't my first post...probably 3rd.

    We are taught about WWII and the things that happened just as you are.

    You are missing my point COMPLETELY about learning from the past. The past is the happened and can't be changed. I'm saying to remember what happened and prevent similar real life events from taking place in the future. This GAME goes into a "what if" scenario that was very likely during WWII. Had the U.S. not entered the war when it did, the outcome could have been much different and a victory for the Axis could have resulted since the Allies were getting their asses handed to them. Britain and France didn't have the manufacturing capabilities like the U.S. did with it's war machine.

    A similar analogy would be a game centered around the American Civil War. What if it were the same exact concept? The ability to collect leaders from each side. The ability for the South to defeat the North. Would THAT be just as outrageous to you, since so many people incorrectly believe that the American Civil War was aver the issue of slavery?

    How does it "glorify" these atrocities.? SPECIFICALLY, what is it that is glorified? This game sounds like Risk but with a WWII theme. Nothing more.
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    I don't think the game does what you think it does regarding the "what-if scenario".

    If anyone wants to play that game, fine, but do we really need to get this pushed into our faces? The ad where a girl's breast was touched by her "master" is completely gone, this game where you can "collect" dictators is still there.

    The past can't be changed? Well, that's obvious. Sure, remember what happened and prevent that in the future. But is that achieved by making the Nazis win and "congrats, Nazis won"?

    I haven't played the game, I am just judging by the description and the ad. And that sounds to me as if you can collect your Hitler and other Nazis and win using them. I doubt players are going to get told "You won. That's bad. You are a bad player and the world you have created is going to be horrible". They are probably cheered when winning (or else why would you want to?) - just judging from the ads since it's about the ads, not the game itself.

    The American Civil War is not as close to home for me as WWII is - my grandparents lived through that time period. So I didn't only learn about it in school but was told many things by my grandparents about what they lived through as children/teenagers. I would probably not be as taken aback by an American Civil War game with a similar theme but others probably would be, maybe the same people who look at this ad and go "meh, I don't care".

    It all boils down to how this is handled in the end. I don't mind alternative scenarios. Man in the High Castle is fascinating and eery at the same time. That is a "what if" story.

    But these game ads don't feel right. Might be that the game is okay, I have not played it and have no desire to. From the ads, it doesn't seem so, though.

    BTW read your other posts by now, this just happened to be the first thing I've read. Might be we won't fully understand each other's point of view but I hope we can discuss stuff without calling each other names (and I think that SJW is a derogative term).
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    I highly appreciated you commenting on this. I wanted to but could not have does so with the restraint you have used.

    Well Said! It's great to see someone speaking up!
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    Thanks. :) I tried my best to explain what I am feeling and thinking about this topic.

    I value an intelligent discussion and some of the points are actually good points (like encouraging people to educate themselves about history and to look at the different sides).
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    Funny how you get so offended by someone else's offence to nazis. @pigbenis No surprise you also have a soft spot for the confederate army. I suppose that, in your mind, they were fighting for a noble cause. Perhaps you should re-read your history books, as slavery WAS a major issue of the civil war, not the only issue, but it was a big contributing factor in the conflict. Seams you are the one in favour of rewriting history.
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    Wow....Just wow....Better to be thought the fool then to speak up and remove all doubt..
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    The only ones who would want to pretend to rewrite this history are the ones who are upset at the actual outcome....
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