Survivor talent reroll

n1konn1kon Member Posts: 70
edited June 2017 in Suggestions & Ideas
It would be great, especially now when new talents are available, if we could reroll one of the talents on our survivor's.
Pink stars could be good place for this option. My idea starts when one of our survivor's is upgraded to 1st pink star and at this stage we could unlock option to reroll one selected talent:
- game rolls 3 different talents for selection (excluding old)
- talent slot become locked for future (gold could be used for 2nd and last 3rd reroll if RNG decide to be rude)
- 2nd oink star could unlock another try on same slot but probably nobody will spend soooo many tokens to do it :]

This future could also become available after our survivor reach 5000 kills for AoE class and less for single target ;] free of charge... Yeah of course heh
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