Chapter 12 cheated me out of passing a level

ricksrevengericksrevenge Member Posts: 1
In the level where you have to blow up the walkers, I had gotten two of my level 14 characters into the escape zone and was within ONE move of getting my last character into the escape zone- I moved in the correct direction, the spot was clear for me to move into the escape zone, and instead of moving where I told it to go, the game made me shoot at adjacent walkers instead. I am so HOPPING MAD about this, because EVERY OTHER level that recommends level 15 characters has let my level 14s pass, although with some damage. I find this totally unfair, and I think the AI was deliberately programmed to do this. I have not been able to get that close to the escape zone since then. Why you make a game with levels that are so hard to get through??? Why let my level 14s through EVERY other level, but not this one?? It's not even halfway through the chapter, for god's sake! I SPENT ENOUGH MONEY ON THIS GAME, I WANT WHAT YOU CHEATED ME OUT OF!!


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