Hero trait and some suggestions

The game has quite a few bugs but still it's one of the best and that's why I am playing it since it's launch.

The players have been giving quite a few suggestions and Next Games have incorporated a number of them.

A major addition to the game was heroes and their leadership trait. A legendary hero has five traits when leading a team. But has just four when not leading a team (no hero leading the team). To the contrary, a legendary survivor has six traits when a hero is leading a team and five when he is in a team with no heroes. A suggestion, the hero trait should work (only for the hero) even when he or she is not leading the team.

Next Games introduced a the 10 phone call with a increased chance of getting a hero. This call type has mixed reaction from the players. If i would say it's one of the least liked call type, I won't be wrong. A suggestion why not make the increase chance of getting a hero available on all call types (1, 5, 10 and 15 phones).

Next Games removed the upper cap on survivors. However, the weapons level are capped. The players have been demanding removal of caps on weapons especially those purchased from the shop. Keeping in view the game economics, Next Game is not willing. Keeping in view the real money spent and the time and effort needed to upgrade the purchased weapon, a suggestion why don't the weapons purchased from the shop come fully upgraded. This would be more value for money and the players demand would a addressed to some extent.

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  • bitercakesbitercakes Member Posts: 43
    Both the Hero’s traits when not leading a team and the not being able to continue using an expensively purchased weapon are two MAGOR issues that players are demanding NG to address and change!
  • TroublemakerTroublemaker Member Posts: 1,461
    That would add many MANY layers to the gameplay and lots of mixed teams and strategies

    I would really welcome it
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