2.7 and beyond??



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    Ok let's give a freebie out on the tax analogy.

    I'm also confident in my NFL analogy because they don't penalize you for success. Did Leicester City get penalized for coming up from the bottom when they got to the top? Not one single bit.

    No ones complaining about doing the hard work. We are complaining that the more hard work you do the more you get penalized. You can't tell me there is a single sports league professional or amateur where they penalize you for success. Golf's handicap system is meant to allow players of different levels to play the same round of gold together but it doesn't penalize you for success. The better golfer isn't forced to putt into a smaller hole than the lesser golfer.

    Having to work harder is not the same as penalizing someone for winning.
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    Can’t they just use their own analytics to see that they clearly have a problem? If they look at the vast majority of accounts that have Lvl 22s, and see all of those accounts have only two 22s, you would think that would be glaring.
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    Shut_Up said:

    Yes yes yes the arguments for why NG did this are completely empty. It's time for NG to swallow it's pride and admit this massive mistake and fix it instead of telling us excuses and illogical reasoning and that they are working on it.

    Shteevie said:

    We are working on changes to specifically address this problem. Possible solutions or potential lines of inquiry can be sent to us directly, and should be to ensure that they are seen and considered.

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    @DLich You might need to update that chart up to over 2261 stars,

    & some player have 4 round of rsl 30 with their 3 level 22 or 21. ;)
    Great spread sheet as always.
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