☠️ ~ TWD SEASON 8 TRAILER/DISCUSSION ~ ☠️ (may contain potential spoilers to the show and comics)

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So, TWD just released its awesome, action packed trailer, and I want to hear your opinions about it!

click here to watch:


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    what do you guys think about the end? Do you think that the new beginning arc will happen in season 8? It appears there has been a time jump after the war, and Rick has grown a beard and now needs a cane after Negan broke his leg during the battle of Alexandria.
  • if you do not know what new beginning is, it is the story arc after all our war, which happens two years later
  • do you like the new version of rick? which do you prefer?
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    You might want to consider adding a spoiler tag to your post above about Rick for people who have not read the comics
  • @Mabiki
    people already know these threads contain spoilers, but i will put it in the title just in case
  • My absolute favourite quote of that trailer was:

    "Trust the king".

    That was awesome: Who wouldn't trust a cool dude with a tiger like that, the king is accompanied with?
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  • @gespuer same!!! i thought my fav quote of the trailer was negan's intro line
  • do you guys have death predictions for s8?
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    You are about to shit your ass...

    Negan is going to break Gabriel’s leg
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    The first half of the season will cover all out war part 1 and the second one part 2.

    There was 1 scene in the trailer where shiva was surrounded by walkers :'( Guess they are following the comic panel by panel
  • @painwalker i believe that shiva will die too
  • @painwalker i think the first half will be the war, but i think the second will be new beginning. i really wanted a full season dedicated to the war
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    @twdncgan Siva will die but they won’t rush the war in just 8 episodes. It’s 2 arcs in the comic so they will split it
  • @painwalker i hope so, but they did say that s8 will be much more fast paced. plus, i don't know if amc will give twd enough budget to let the war go on for 16 episodes. they probably only have enough money for only 8, considering that their budget has dropped from 3.5 million dollars to 2.75
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