A terrible idea...but FUN!

I would love to play a level/map where my team is pitted against just one Spiked or Tank walker with a level of 100ish. If there was a "Create your own map" function to the game, I would absolutely do that. Just my best 3 guys going to work on whatever maximum level challenge I could throw at them.

It's crazy, I know this.

Consider Microsoft Minesweeper. There is an option to create a "Custom" board. Am I the only person who has set the mine count at the absolute max? Of course it is impossible to complete, that's the point. Maybe, I am just a glutton for punishment. A TWD:NML level/map wouldn't have to be that severe, but I'm just dying to see some variation in the game.

The game is getting close to "one-note," The story is complete, can't replay it, so that's dead. Outposts are outdated, and Scavenge missions are horribly repetitive.

I love the Challenges and getting stars, but that's really all that's left at this point.

Nod to NG; you guys created a fantastic, wonderfully entertaining game, but it is time to step it up just a bit with Outposts, Scavenges and Stories...and maybe, just maybe...a "custom map creator." Love the game, thank you for all your hard work.
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  • bigmacbigmac Member Posts: 131
    I like that idea pit fighting. Fighting your own walkers in your pit those start 10 levels above your highest level character. And if you can beat it you are pit Walker's level up? Training your walkers? But yes rating scavenge runs useless level 62 I don't even scavenge anymore or go on raids it's too repetitive no rewards left.
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