What's with the latest mission?

North2002North2002 Member Posts: 2
With the current special Mission (Brotherhood) I managed to kill all the walkers two times on Trial 4, but I just keep moving my heroes around across the screen thinking more zombies will appear. Finally, I just click "Flee" to get out. But it is just so annoying! Also, last week I kept getting a "Reconnecting" message and was booted out of the game altogether! When I tried to sign back in, all I got was "unable to connect" message. I ultimately had to uninstall the game and reinstall it so I could resume playing.

I realize that game makers like you are only human. But that "reconnecting" episode, plus my current problem is totes annoying! My hope is you can correct this. I enjoy this game a lot, but if I keep having problems I will be forced to take it off my device. So please, do what you can to fix this. Thank you.
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