Level of Equipment in the deluxe/ challenge/ epic/ legendary crates

First of all thanks to @OneLessTitan for his website where we can find useful information about the game. I copied the below table from the website. However, it is a bit outdated as it is pre 2.6.

I am level 60 (a day and a half away from level 61). As per the table below, I should get minimum 21 but the minimum guaranteed equipment level changed after 2.6 and the equipment now I get range from level 20 to 22. Would love, if some one could guide me to an updated list or the moderators make available for the benefit for all of us.

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    The only thing different between that chart and an updated one I think is

    1) that chart was made before lvl 22 gear came out
    2) that chart was made before lvl 61-63 came out

    So I think there wouldn't be much difference other than anything that is lvl 60 would be "21 & 22". lvl 60, 61 & 62 I believe would also be "21 & 22". And lvl 63 would be "22"

    lvl 60 would be "21 & 22" instead of the current "21"
    lvl 61 would be "21 & 22"
    lvl 62 would be "21 & 22"
    lvl 63 would be "22"

    As far as Challenge Crates I believe it would be the similar

    lvl 60 would be "21 & 22" instead of the current "21" for deluxe challenge crates
    lvl 61 would be "21 & 22" for challenge and deluxe
    lvl 62 would be "21 & 22" for challenge and deluxe
    lvl 63 would be "21 & 22" for challenge and "22" for deluxe

    That's just my interpretation of this. I haven't been keeping track of the range of items in each of these but following his chart that's what I believe would be next.

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    Nice chart. It would be cool to see it updated... or maybe not. It might make me sad to know that I got ripped off this last weekend with nothing but XP or useless Epic gear from the Deluxe Crates.
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