Assault/Warrior trait question

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Finally managed to call an epic/legendary warrior and assault, I waited too long to unlock the classes via the main storyline missions. The main 3 traits I like on any class are iron skin, luck and marksman/strong so I like that my assault has them but it's the other 2 I'm not sure on. My assault hangs out at the back so I'm not too bothered that she doesn't have dodge, vigilant is a bit meh but revenge has been quite handy so far if my scout takes a hit. I think if my warrior unlocked luck as the 5th trait she would be quite good. My question is what are the more desirable traits on these two classes? Just wondering whether I should upgrade them or hold out for better traits. Opinions please?



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    Boa noite. Tambem estou com esta mesma duvida. Peço ajuda aos mais experientes no jogo.
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    Thelma looks great. Iron skin would also be a good trait for her. I would probably make her legendary and see what her last trait will be.

    Danielle is probably not an ideal assault, but she is definitely decent. Iron skin, luck, marksman, dodge... The other two traits can be useful in certain situations for sure. I would keep her but maybe not invest tokens in her.
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