Unable to retrieve hero tokes from trade goods

DirtybirdDirtybird Member Posts: 6
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have rebooted several times hit to retrieve hero tokens , I crashes but can't retrieve other trade goods


  • Mollie64Mollie64 Member Posts: 152
    I just experienced this. I tried to retrieve the hero tokens several times during the last tg store time period. Restarted several times, tried on the tablet and the phone, and still it would not let me get the tokens.

    Of course, this was when Michonne was being offered.

    I would like to have the 8 Michonne tokens, please. I would have spent the 800 tg and at least the 30 gold for an additional 8 tokens.
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  • GindyGindy Member Posts: 703
    You're not alone! It's been happening all day :(

    @Teeceezy / @Fearofabotplanet / @Shteevie -- this has been happening all day although support told me early this morning it was resolved. Understood, it probably won't be fixed this rotation since the day is already halfway through, but if you could confirm it's being addressed so we don't see this three weeks in a row, it would be appreciated!

    @Dirtybird & @Mollie64 -- I got some compensation this morning. My suggestion is to open a support ticket and they may throw you something nice ;)

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