Stars withheld but I did not change the guild

ElkadorElkador Member Posts: 81
My stars are withheld in my guild but i did not change my guild for months. Is this a bug?


  • zbotzbot Legendary Moderator Posts: 6,474
    @Elkador did you have a roster change in your guild after the challenge started?
  • MystiqueMystique Content Creator ❤️ Posts: 1,454
    Did another player perhaps get stars and then leave, then a new player came and got stars before you? Only the first 20 people to put up stars in a guild will have them count!
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  • zbotzbot Legendary Moderator Posts: 6,474
    As @Mystique mentioned the challenge only counts the stars for the first 20 members whether they are still in the guild or not.

    For example, what might have happened was that started off with 20, 19 earned stars then 1 of the 19 got replace with a new member and the new member earned stars before you did. The stars for the new member as well as the member that left who earned stars will counts toward the 20.

    If there were roster changes this is most likely what happened, your tenure in the guild has no bearing only the first 20 to earn stars does. If not, then please contact support.
  • ElkadorElkador Member Posts: 81
    Okay so my Stars do not count because of the change and because I was the last who earned stars.
    I think yes there were a player who was kicked right after challenge start and then there came another player.
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