When will the next council update be?

theldssdltheldssdl Member Posts: 114
With the next update coming "soon," I thought it'd be interesting to look at how frequently NG typically raises the council level by 1. Looking at the Version History of the game in the App Store, here are the dates (assuming I didn't miss anything and the version history notes are complete):

Version 1.1.1 on 10/2/15 was the debut of the game, with a max council level of 14.
Version 1.4.0 on 12/8/2015 raised the max council level by 1 (14 to 15).
Version 1.7.0 on 3/1/2016 raised the max council level by 1 (15 to 16).
Version 1.8.3 on 4/20/2016 raised the max council level by 1 (16 to 17).
Version 1.10.0 on 6/28/2016 raised the max council level by 1 (17 to 18).
Version 2.2.0 on 10/18/16 raised the max council level by 1 (18 to 19).
Version 2.5.0 on 3/21/17 raised the max council level by 1 (19 to 20).
Version 2.6.0 on 6/13/17 raised the max council level by 1 (20 to 21).
Version 2.8.0 in 10/2017 raised the max council level by 1 (21 to 22).
Version 2.10.1 on 3/6/2018 raised the max council level by 1 (22 to 23).

Here is the corresponding pace:
~2 months from max council level 14 to 15
~3 months from max council level15 to 16
~1.5 months from max council level 16 to 17
~2 months from max council level 17 to 18.
~4 months from max council level 18 to 19.
~5 months from max council level 19 to 20.
~3 months from max council level 20 to 21.
~4 months from max council level 21 to 22.
~5 months from max council level 22 to 23.

The fastest NG has ever raised the max council level was just over 1.5 months, and it's been about 1.5 months since the last max council level increase, so it would not be unheard of for NG to do so again with this upcoming update. However, recent trends suggest the pace is slowing down and the wait time to raise the max council level is increasing. This is both logical and appropriate, because with each new level it becomes increasingly expensive to upgrade buildings, survivors, and weapons.

The last council level increase was relatively fast compared to the previous two, so players were understandably upset. At this point, it is my opinion that the max council level should only increase every 4-5 months. A pace faster than this will leave most likely top level gamers without opportunity to "catch their breath" and really hone their gear stash, but rather feel like a grind; also, it would leave newer players without time to "catch up." A pace slower than this would most likely leave top level gamers without anything new to push themselves towards.

I wouldn't really expect a council level update before mid-September, although I hope the next one isn't until October or November. But then again, I'm not part of NG, so who knows what they'll do and if they're really predictable. They're setting records with each passing week for most time gone by without a radio weekend event...


  • pradipradi Member Posts: 652
    No no no...... No need any council update in this year please.
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    A council update in first quarter 2018 would suit us all.
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  • GladiGladi Member Posts: 616
    I would say last quarter of 2018 @zeeblack , but I understand it wont be that "late". Council lvl21 came too soon, at least by 2 months. Im really curious, how NG will "fix" challenge stars drama, to push ppl into upgrading survs as fast as possible, dunno if new game mode will be the real trigger to keep ones survs as high as possible(I mean lvl wise), but we will see...soon?
  • Conan1976Conan1976 Member Posts: 758
    lets do the next update when the TV serie stops.
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    Awesome work there @theldssdl !
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  • kiwinz7kiwinz7 Member Posts: 913
    Hopefully not for a while .......... as it will be broken.

    Or release it when there is the next phone event ....lol
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  • JerryDixonJerryDixon Member Posts: 386
    3-3.5 months would roughly line up with start of new season. I expect to see a new council then. Once the complaining started and NG re-coded to allow for walkers higher than level 30 the hamster wheel was set in motion. That said...I wouldn't mind seeing a new council level once per year corresponding with new season start. I'm assuming the show+game are never ending of course :-)
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