How can we make players who banish the whole guild then leave, accountable?

Any suggestions on how we can make players accountable when they go rogue and banish all players and then leave themselves?


  • pradipradi Member Posts: 652
    Ohh... Sad to hear about that :( There is no way to stop it. Only thing you can do is careful when you promote ppl to Elders.
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    NG neeeds to form a special NML Task Force to hunt down those traitors.

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    Double post, my bad

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    Too bad, we should have :
    Elder, less powerful than leader
    Member, can vote for elder election or something like that..

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    How is that pic unrelated ...
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  • daveeeeeeeeeedaveeeeeeeeee Member Posts: 20
    Pradi - I agree you need to be carful on which members get promoted. This one was difficult as this was our top player who was in the guild for about 4 months (the same time as me and we both worked ourselves up the leader board to be 1st and 2nd on around 6000 challenge stars. I think he was going to leave the guild and thought he'd ruin it for everyone else when he did.

    Just wish I could track him down perhaps TWD can arrange a grudge match in a an outpost scenario.........

  • daveeeeeeeeeedaveeeeeeeeee Member Posts: 20
    Perhaps our whole guild was demoted and banish accidentally :neutral:
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