August 4th Weekend Event Announcement by Terminates

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Need....radios....please. I will ring whatever you want :D

Need some visual stimulation?
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  • > @Terminates said:
    > @DoTak I am going to keep doing cat videos until we get a radio event lol :D

    Radio events are my favorite, but I love your cat videos too.

    Mmh, hard decision what do I prefer. :)
  • @DoTak I think you're right that @Terminates will forever be doing cat vids. The bottom line killed the radio event.
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  • I mentioned it before: I don't like cat vids! But that message was
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  • @Dodkong I think it was Video that killed the radio star
  • personally I think cat videos are just as good as a phone event lol
  • Ring it on baby.
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    If someday I will quit from playing..I will definitely pop in here to watch your videos @Terminates ;)
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