Theater clips not playing

dulinquartersdulinquarters Member Posts: 481
It started about a hour into the challenge. At first, after play was tapped, it seemed like the video was going to play, but the screen just went dark. I could not back out of it, I had to tap my exit button on tablet, then I had to restart the game. This happened all 4 times. I still can not play a video through the theater. If I choose the "Watch Video" tab for 3 more
crates, the screen gets the "Old" TV look with the white, black, & gray fuzzy static, but it just goes right back to the crates, the only option there is the 25 Gold. I started having this problem about a hour after the challenge started, I am still having the same problems at this time.
Is anyone else having this issue? or something similar?
Any ideas about how to fix this?

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