Shane Walsh

Can we get another highlights mission throwback for season 2 to unlock Shane


  • I try to bring that up all the time. I thought a cool leader trait for him would be only 2 survivors need to be in the exit zone to complete a level. However, it was pointed out to me that a leader trait must be upgradable. So now I suggest 2 survivors gain HP at a % of the HP taken from the third when hit.
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  • Oh please that will be awesome if you guys decide to include Shane as heroe, also add andrea
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    I've been asking that for the longest...and then the hero hating brigade sees what I post and drop their smart remarks bombs on me thinking they're all for more heroes like Shane,Dale,Andrea,Tyreese,T-Dog,Beth,I even asked if we can we get Gareth too as the "Bad Hero" like Governor & Negan
  • Don't forget Judith. A walker killing baby would be so much fun!
    “Simply put, there’s a vast ocean of sh!t you people don’t know sh!t about. Rick knows every fine grain of said sh!t.”
  • I know right should've thought of that before...and maybe Anthony the turtle too
  • Great idea their leadertraits can be
    1. decrease the chance to get the tokens you actually want for useful characters and classes for mostly useless characters that clog up your selection screen
    2. Even if my leadertrait is actually useful as their are so many different tokens that in 2-3 years I'll be at a useful/useable rarity.

    Gotta catch em all :wink:
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  • Pika Pika...oh wrong game sorry...
  • I hated how they included Eugene in this game and did Shane, t dog, Dale, Andrea like that I'm all for the old heroes
  • no more heroes ,no more token and no more sh!t.
  • @MattOfEarth And it should have 1000 tokens for unlocking and be 5-stars
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