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1. DO NOT retaliate on those who have opinions you do not agree with.
2. Please keep this only TWD RELATED (comic opinions are allowed too)
3. Say whatever you want! You can even make fun of the show because i'm sure people haven't always been satified with the show's pacing this past season.


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    unpopular opinions (tv show):

    1. Rick can be a very promblematic character at times. He makes bad decisions at times without even giving it a second thought. For example, he hasn't even thought about what could happen to his people if he attacked negan's outpost, or why he would ever even think about going into a dark, eery prison, full of walkers.

    2. The governor is a wayyyy better villain than negan. sure, i like negan, but he just isn't funny. he smiles every three lines and i just can't seem to see why he's such a notorious villain. he killed glenn and abe, but later on, he became extremely boring, plus he's not that evil. The governor on the other hand, boy, he killed his whole town, manipulated his people, tried to kill everybody (including children) in the prison, and kept the heads of his victims. plus, he was just so interesting, showing both his weak, light, and dark sides. glad twd could develop the governor's character really well.
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    I think the casting of Negan was horrible. The guy's a decent actor, don't get me wrong. However, in the books, Negan is a huge man who towers over Rick adding a physically dominating aspect to his character. I think an actor like Patrick Warburton would have made a far better choice, not only for his physical stature and resemblance to the book Negan, but he is a natural comedian with a distinctive voice that would've added the "creepy and terrifying, but I can't help but laugh," side to Negan's dialog.
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    @_Katherine_ i agree with basically all of what you're saying! i think richonne was forced in the first place. i mean, i really do love them as a couple and they are cute, for they lived through hell together, but they never really flirted in the past seasons, and when they hooked up, it didn't carry me the way it did for the rest of the fandom. also, because the writers couldn't really explore them as a relationship until episode 12 of season 7, it felt "cringey" when they flirted in the walker-infested-carnival. i thought glaggie was a perfect couple and unforced.
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    Confession: I was a little annoyed with parts of Season 6 and really annoyed with many parts of Season 7, to the point it detracted from my enjoyment.
    Among them:

    Carol's decision to leave the group because she didn't want to kill anymore. It makes sense on paper, but I don't think they did a good job showing her transition.

    Everyone in the group telling Daryl it's not his fault Glenn died. It is absolutely his fault. He was told if he had any more outbursts that Negan would bring more pain on them. And he went and had an outburst anyway. (Yeah, I know, Negan is ultimately responsible. But if someone tells you a specific action will get more people killed, and then you do that specific action, you have culpability.)

    Rick's blind trust in the Garbage Pail Kids that predictably bites him in the ass.

    I could make a longer list, but those are the ones that deeply bothered me that I think could have been easily corrected by some simple script changes or scene additions.
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    Negan's a good guy (either that, or Rick is just as much a villain).

    The show is more of a soap than a zombie flick. They just throw in the occasional gore to spice it up.
  • I find the most overall creepy character to be Father Gabriel. Seriously. There is something wrong with him and that CREEPY smile. Negan can be humorous and unpredictable and even likable. Gabriel is just bizarre. And the battle between Gabriel and Negan, Gabriel got intO NEGANS head. It was like he wasn’t afraid of Negan.

    That priest locked his parish out and listened to them being EATEN. And he STILL epwears that priest outfit. He scares me more than 10 NEGANS.

    They should really just turn him into a very unstable Governor type character, because you can easily see Gabriel with a tank full of floating body parts or something off like that......
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    The show tried to make Shane a bad guy but I think he was what Rick is now. Very rational and caring only about his group, even if he has to kill another innocent human.

    I've never liked Carl that much, he was always angry with something and that hat feels that it's going to fall off his head any minute. What's the purpose of that hat if not purely aesthetical?


    Daryl killing Martinez in a brick of a second was one of my favorite parts of the show. I really hate those eternal dialogues when someone is pointing a gun at someone.

    And that's why I've also loved Rick's countdown when he attacked the Sanctuary, hahah. But of course, missing EVERY SINGLE SHOT kinda blew the moment.
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    What bugs me is that Kirkman has obviously never been to Alexandria. It's not some little suburb, it's part of the the Washington metropolitan area, the east coast megalopolis, inside the beltway. Millions of people! To get to a place like the Hilltop, you'd have to go 30 miles through the teeming suburbs. Annoying, & I can't let it go! Lol.
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