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  • KirnasKirnas Member Posts: 33
    > bladgier said :
    > "Sure shot works only at our turn. Overwatch is not our turn, hence it can't work then."

    @bladgier I am not sure of that. Sure shot works if you have not moved during your turn, but the ingame message dont say that this bonus can only occurs during you turn, so the bonus can occurs during the overwatch.
    In my opinion, Sure shot helps a lot to interrupt high level walkers.

    @Shteevie Could you confirm this please ?
  • ShteevieShteevie Staff Posts: 1,335

    @Shteevie - I don't know if this is a (possibly) new factoid revealed to us (or possibly a miscommunication?), but Sure Shot works in Overwatch? I was under impression that "attacks made on your turn" didn't include Overwatch as that seems like the "Walkers Turn."

    You're right - brain fart. The condition of Overwatch is related to Vigilance, and doesn't affect crit chance. My details should have referred to "crit chance on your turn if you did not move".
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  • JenngJenng Member Posts: 3,442

    I appreciate the tag directly into calculating...... Let me down this coffee..... Good news on the no council ( confession, I'm not a maxed player, true I've been playing from the beginning but it appears I'm super lazy lol) so I guess this means I can willy-nilly spend those maters! Phew! :)
  • harrybond75harrybond75 Member Posts: 44
    This could just be a co-incidence but if you look at the costumes that you can equip to your survivors, there is 5 from the past: Andrea, Dale, Merle, Governor and Tyreese. Merle and the Governor have just been released so does this mean that Andrea, Dale and Tyreese will be the next to come?
  • The_JerThe_Jer Member Posts: 293
    edited August 2017
    @Shteevie @Fearofabotplanet
    I'm curious about the damage reduction cap as well, specifically is "stun resist" considered a damage reducer? Will a survivor with luck, holding a weapon with luck, wearing armor with gold stun resist be capped at 80% even though the math puts it near (sometimes over) 100%?
  • jimmorrison369jimmorrison369 Member Posts: 2,073
    > @JayZ said:
    > Huh. I always thought that the base critical chance was about 20-30%. I think @jimmorrison369 told me this back in the day?

    I did, I fought 100 walkers without critical increasing traits. About 30 where critical hits. (Walker level close to survivor level)

    So that was my conclusion. I guess there might've been more beneath the surface then...

    I'm very glad to hear about this newfound transparency.
  • R2runfastR2runfast Member Posts: 332
    They invented it and the only to backtrack is to nerf. The NG way is unwavering and consistently (not my words) a brain fart.
  • CaptainslayerCaptainslayer Member Posts: 1,430
    Cheers for the heads up about the nerf, but I think I'll refrain from working out my critical chance as it will just annoy me if my guys are over, I also thought the chance of a crit without anything else was more than 10% so I'm kinda not happy now that I dbl pink starred my hunter without sureshot.
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  • KafirKafir Member Posts: 101
    I don't know why this just feels like another scheme to pull more money from players.... Skeptical I guess...especially when I see 95% of my pulls from mission crates as 3 star and below...mostly 1 & 2 star junk... So forgive me if I don't get excited over this.

  • harrybond75harrybond75 Member Posts: 44
    when will update 2.7 be released??
    vshield50Pain Walkerbigbeano
  • PTRPTR Member Posts: 66
    Soon B)
    GovernatorPain Walkerbigbeano
  • harrybond75harrybond75 Member Posts: 44
    i'm still unsure about if they will do any highlights missions because it seems to me that they are either leaving it for a while (maybe until 2.7) or they are making a new one but i'm note sure
  • Pain WalkerPain Walker Content Creator Posts: 2,647
    @PTR All in due time ;)

    Probably making a video!

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  • PTRPTR Member Posts: 66
    I always want to say that
  • JerryDixonJerryDixon Member Posts: 387
    @DLich if you create an app to help us figure out crit/damage max I would use it. I would prefer an in game stats button but that seems like a low priority. Or maybe you could create a spreadsheet with the necessary macros?
    Jerry Dixon
  • QB34QB34 Member Posts: 60
    Any hint on a timeframe? 2-4 weeks? 4-6 weeks? Also a little something more about the new game mode would be awesome
    Pain WalkerScowleyCzarnyJoCaptainslayer
  • MetalMetal Member Posts: 492
    I don't understand can't I just keep my guys maxed out and still get the max it's buffed to
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