Let me be the first to congratulate and thank:
- the players that participated in MavRickConquer this week and made us really proud,
- the elders and leaders of the three guilds for accomodating all the moves and supporting the entire idea,
- the teammates that couldnt make it this week but cheered us on,
- all the players and guilds that wished us luck

Many players have reached out to us to learn what MavRickConquer was all about, so here is a quick rundown:

- We formed this team of enthusiastic players from three fantastic guilds: Mavericks, Conquer and RickRollers. Obviously, we had to limit the number to 20, many were on vacation or otherwise busy, we simply couldn't accommodate all.

- All players will of course stay with their respective guild family. This was not about poaching away the best players from anybody or creating a new guild.

- We have established this 'task force' temporarily to see how much fun we could have and spice up the competition a bit.

Some of you asked for details on the team, the scores, the survivor lvls etc.

The players ok'd showing the participants and the scores:

We won't divulge details on the player's individual teams, I will leave that up to them if they desire to do so.

I can tell you however that my two 8* survivors and a grand total of 1300gold made my score possible.
There are players with 9* in the team, but also players with max of 7* survivors.

There sure are dozens if not hundreds of players out there that can beat my mediocre score,
so the whole post is not about gloating, but celebrating the players that came together this week.

Have fun out there and maybe this week gives some of you the inspiration to do something similar one day.

BTW, I opened this new thread as I didn't want to hijack @HOTnUNPREPARED thread:
If you would like to join a drama-free and fun group of enthusiasts,
contact us via email at [email protected]
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  • PicPic Member Posts: 1,061
    Already posted something similar apologies
  • LightfeetLightfeet Member Posts: 1,062
    > @TheLostOnes said:
    > > @Pic said:
    > > Already posted something similar apologies
    > I guess your mind is a bit hazy after all thise stars! Amazing score, well done!
    > Now, who wants to join me for a similar project? We team up 20 slackers from 20 of the worst guilds and see how low we can go.

    Minimum stars? 0 or 1? :D
  • mik81mik81 Member Posts: 360

    That's an incredible number of stars! Way to go superguild! Really nice to see the competition shaken up a bit and the sportsmanship from all of the members of DTP is also fantastic.

    @vshield50 @Steeboon More leaderboard info would be great and though it's not coming in the next update I know it's something the team would like to build on at some point in the future. Until something is built into the game we could do something on the forums every now and then? Like a forum competition to see who can get the most stars in a certain challenge or over a certain period of time.

    Maybe if you provide some in forum badges for breaking some scores: I don't know 800, 1000, 1200, 1400, 1600, 1800.... this could work... but we really need REAL rankings as the forum is just a tiny representation of the community
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