Hilltop - Overview, Tips & Strategies


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    Not a tip, but wanted to share what I was facing when I finally got the tank down on Shut It 26.3

    I guess the tip would be, persevere, and get those assaults charged. I got my star in the end.
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    If you can place one or both survivors in front of gate you can block the entire spawn. Something like the second picture. If you take to long building charges you get a massive tank spawn too. Sasha and two assaults is how you control the spawns fro the gate and work your way over to close.
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    Did you post the wrong pic?
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    I’m ashamed of this museum win rofl.

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    In museum,
    I use Jesus with a katana with gold interrupt, and 2 heavy hittin’ bruisers. They get the job done nicely, if you get close and put them into overwatch, and let the raiders come to you. Otherwise, the raiders will be in overwatch and hit you first before you can strike.
    Been 3 starrin’ it all day.
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