Regarding balance (surv-lvl vs. challenge stars) in 2.7



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    Damn you and your math but I'd also be curious to know is it worth the resources to get a lot of stars say past 800 if you aren't in a super strong Guild and don't just want stars for personal Glory
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    @Bryan18 it's definitely not worth going past 800 especially for the token crates but for the majority of us whether we are in a top guild or not challenges is the best feature of the game and most of us will continue to push the furthest we can get each challenge
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    Shteevie said:

    There will soon be rewards that push everyone to play missions that they otherwise might not even try - The Distance Mode was made specifically with these kinds of super-achievers in mind.

    Hooray...and to compete on that mode we´ll have to upgrade our survs to the max which gives us a big disadvantage on the challenge!?
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