Will the bugs with the revenge trait be fixed in 2.7?

All in the title. Will the bugs with the revenge trait be fixed in 2.7? A simple yes or no please!

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    Yes or no answer.... LMAO! I hope so but lets see how that works out. Doubtful that it will happen before new update notes are released but I am cheering for you!

    For the record, I am sure they would like to give this answer but I believe they may not be allowed to. Just my opinion based on experience.
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    What's the bug with the revenge trait?
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    I was wondering the same thing. It seems to work for me.
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    It doesn't work in overwatch last I knew and it also shoots walkers for attacking raiders
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    I know, I know, @vshield50 and @Guapo. They eat yes or no questions for breakfast. Still gonna try though. Even if the response is "Well, it's on the list of things we need to fix but unfortunately we were unable to get to it", that would suffice as a "no".

    @SteveSS @Mystique There are times when in range that it doesn't activate, and sometimes it will revenge on walkers that have attacked raiders, and sometimes it will revenge on raiders that have attacked walkers. There's a thread that discusses the revenge trait here: http://forums.nextgames.com/walkingdead/discussion/27065/revenge-trait-behaviour-you-should-know-before-using-it/p1
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    Thanks for the quick answer @Shteevie, I figured that'd be the case but was still hoping that this bug from the last update was going to be fixed.
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