Update 2.7 Sneak Peek - Survivor Retirement

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Hello again!

In 2.6, changes were made to the Survivor Retirement calculations that caused certain retired survivors to return fewer tokens when retired. This affected any survivor that had been promoted to a higher rarity than the rarity that survivor was when recruited.

2.7 addresses this issue. Survivors that have been promoted to a higher rarity than they were when originally obtained will be worth slightly more tokens after the update. The calculations for these characters will match those that were in the game before 2.6.

The reason that this information is being given now is so that you can plan your survivor retirement with the best possible information available to you. We appreciate the feedback and patience of players that brought this to our attention and hope that you're looking forward to 2.7 as much as we are.
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    @Fearofabotplanet is the solution to every problem in the game :);)

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    Great looking forward to this change.
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    So the tokens return rate will go back to previous 15% plus the rarity value? Not the original 25%?
  • PutchucoPutchuco Member Posts: 1,289
    vshield50 said:

    > @Monsuta said:

    > So the tokens return rate will go back to previous 15% plus the rarity value? Not the original 25%?

    I took it as it would go back to the original token value scrap which was more than 15 percent.

    Less the very tiny return value for pink survivors from v2.5 as I understand it.
    So, in a way, the best of 2.5+2.6, correct, @Fearofabotplanet ?
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    @Fearofabotplanet @Shteevie Thank you for this. The loss of 128 tokens for retiring epic-turned-legendary survivors in 2.6 made finding suitable survivors so much more difficult, both for ftp and ptp folks, and I'm glad you are returning to the entire value of them back to 365 instead of the newer 237. There are still many issues when it comes to the token system, one of which is the fact that low retirement value of elite survivors disproportionally affects newer players (since veterans have a handle on trait combinations, and newer players do not always know which survivors to not put tokens into, leading to survivors with pink stars that become useless) but that's for another thread.

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    How about all survivors (not hero's) come with all trait slot pickable. With epic you can pick 4 slots and have too gain tokens to pick fifth.
  • TransmuteJunTransmuteJun Member Posts: 2,089
    Thank you for implementing this change!
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    edited August 2017
    Putchuco said:

    vshield50 said:


    Yes, this is the intention.
    first, we give the token amount for the current rarity of the survivor:
    Common = 2
    Uncommon = 8
    Rare = 32
    Epic = 128
    Legendary and above = 256

    Then, we add 15% of all of the tokens that were spend on the character since they were added to your roster.

    In 2.6, we fixed a bug where the "and above" survivors were unintentionally not getting the 256. We also changed the relevant rarity from 'current' to 'initial', which meant that promoted characters were worth less. The second part is what is changing back.
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