Does size matter.

I play this game on my Galaxy S4 phone and it just seems to be the same mind numbing repetative grind every week. Is it different on a tablet with a bigger screen. Does a larger screen make it more interesting. I keep playing in the hope it will improve but I am sadly dissapointed week after week. I even bet the new update will be just as reptative after a couple of weeks. So does seeing the game on a bigger screen make up for the repatition.
If this hame cozt me money I think I would have quit months ago. Please tell me if a larger screen is the answer.


  • DoggityDoggity Member Posts: 20
    Should have read If this game cost me money.
  • SmittySpivey3SmittySpivey3 Member Posts: 324
    @doggity I would suggest getting in a guild, participate un forum ideas and take a break if you get burned out, but stick around. A larger screen looks better but I find on the go you need phone size. IE in an airport waiting on a flight you'll love the grind.
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    I have a completely descent size screen on my Galaxy S7 but sometimes play on my tablet. I have to say the 8 incher is more fun.
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    Never played on a phone. So yes tablet is way better.
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    Difficult to play on my cell phone but comfortable with my tablet.

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