When rolling the dice works out

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Someone in another thread said they never waste tokens on 3 star survivors, well I don't have that patience and have only got two 5 stars survivors from 15 calls so far and they had bad stats. All three of these guys started at 3 stars. I'm currently player level 31 and been playing for a month or so, no cash spent so far.


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    Tracy is a very nice survivor. Congrats!
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    Definitely some nice combos there. How many rares did you have to upgrade before you found those?
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    > @paintbeast said:
    > Definitely some nice combos there. How many rares did you have to upgrade before you found those?

    I have been pretty lucky, I had two not so great that I tried going 5 in Curtis and Ben. Should have stopped Curtis at def stance but I thought if I got iron skin he would be a good meat shield, he's on Outpost def now. but I had good luck on another scout, Couture, going from 3 to 5. Next gonna roll the dice on Rousey. I haven't scrapped any of my 4 or 5 star upgrade survivors yet except one I believe
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    Always blow on the dice....... You did, right, @Techfall?
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    Tracy has nice tiats, but I would have to put her in a different Jacket. Hate Alabama! Lol!
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    @Techfall thanks for sharing your survivors but looks like the recent discussions are going off topic so closed. Feel free to start a new thread when you find more survivors.
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