When will update 2.7 arrive?

DLichDLich Member
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Everyone is trying to predict when this update is going to come has me laughing and thinking of the baby shower scene in saved by the bell where Zach Morris had a lottery going on when Mrs. Belding's baby was going to come. Screech paid money to buy the 2 weeks that had already passed. I wonder what happened to that guy.

Anyway I figured why not add a calendar here so we can all throw out ideas about when the update will come. The consensus of the forum appears to be Tuesday September 5th.

Also I tried searching for that scene on youtube but couldn't find it. So I decided to post a clip of when they were fighting.

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  • > @Artisans said:
    > FYI Screech had a brief second career in porn. Not kidding.

    This is true and I will leave it at that...
  • CoonCoon Member
    Today is not over @DLich

    It may be in a few minutes
  • CoonCoon Member
    Today is not over @DLich

    It may be in a few minutes
  • jesterjester Member
    edited August 2017
    Holy Double Post Two Hours Apart!

    I don't see "soon" on the calendar.
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