Last Season?

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Will this be last season for show? I think show will end will a cure or fix for this condition by end of this season.


  • CoonCoon Member Posts: 282
  • CoonCoon Member Posts: 282
    You can close or deleted this as it is a double thread I started.
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    @Coon the show is penned as the most watched television show currently, and despite some decline of viewership, it is nearly impossible for them to drop to 5 million views per episode, at least not until around season 11 or 12. And 5 million views would still be enough to carry on the show. plus, it is planned that the show might go on for another twenty years, but the show might only end if the budgets get cut down more often.
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    Ok @twdncgan
    I am not as knowledgeable on viewership requirements, but I do know thatnthe show doesn't have 20 years left. People get greedy. In another year or two the actors and or producers are going to get greeded so the network will attempt to replace them or have thier characters killed off. If Rick gets killed off then viewership goes way down. If they don't kill him off they have to pay him x amount of money more than they planned. Greed kills show.
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