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Hi all,

This is not a post we would have ever liked to or expected to have to make, but due to recent incidents we feel it's necessary to bring this topic up so the entire forum community is on the same page:

We want the forum to be a welcoming and safe environment for everyone who plays No Mans Land to come and share their passion, questions and frustrations about the game. Nobody who posts here should be worried that they will be bullied or ganged up on for the opinions that they’re sharing. Everything posted on the forums should abide by the pre-existing rules, so if you disagree with somebody because they have broken the rules then please use the report function to let the us know.

Moving forwards any forum member or members who engage in bullying on the forums will received an immediate one week ban. Following that ban any further breaking of the rules will result in permanent banning. We will, under no circumstances, tolerate this kind of behaviour.

If you read this post and are feeling defensive right now, this message was especially for you.

- Teeceezy, Fearofabotplanet and the mod squad.
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