Issue with stars earned during this challenge not showing up for guild total

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Hello! I just noticed this over the last hour that I've been playing the challenge, but there seems to be an issue with the total number of challenge stars earned by the guild as a whole not adding up and remaining stuck at "307" stars -- the number shown on the main challenge page where the progress towards the next guild reward is displayed -- even though the stars I've personally earned by playing this challenge have added up and awarded me crates as appropriate when I play and also show up correctly by my IGN on the guild "roster" for this challenge.

That total number of stars earned by our guild as a whole (as well as the stars we need to reach the next reward) as shown on the challenge page have not increased at all and has just remained stuck at the same 307 stars, despite the fact that I've earned a good amount of stars since I had first noticed the issue -- none of which have been reflected/shown up as an increase in the total number of guild stars as I've continued to play.

I'm guessing this is also occurring with my other guildmates, given that I added together the stars that have been earned by each individual guild member (using the amount of stars as displayed on the "roster" for them up to this point in the challenge) and that amount was correct, showing the total stars earned as a guild to be well above the 307 stars we seem to be stuck at on the main challenge page.

Hoping it will resolve itself, but hoping @Teeceezy @Shteevie @Fearofabotplanet could look into it or let me know if this is just temporary.

Also, wanted to post about it to make sure everyone else checks the main challenge page to make sure that this isn't also happening as far as their guild's "total stars" during this challenge are concerned. Hoping it's not a widespread issue.

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  • kjmia421kjmia421 Member Posts: 57
    Just checked again after re-starting the game and now the correct number is showing up, so hopefully it was just a glitch that passed quickly. Still good to check just in case, but assuming it doesn't happen again, feel free to close the thread!

    Thanks :smile:
    Player Level: 53 ~ Guild: ourgroup - Rank: Leader
  • ShteevieShteevie Staff Posts: 1,335
    Thanks for the report - even though it corrected itself later, these issues are confusing, and reports like yours help us track down the causes.

    IF you [or anyone reading] sees an issue like this again, please PM me, TCZ, or Fear; include your in-game name, level, and guild name, so we can add that data to our internal report. Thanks!
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