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The Distance - Patch Notes

Players have long asked for a new way to test their courage, skill, and the limits of their Survivors and Heroes. We are proud to announce the arrival of a new game mode that will do all of this and more. Can you go The Distance and complete your hardest Mission yet?

The Distance is a series of 21 Missions of increasing difficulty for players of Council Level 18 and up. You will not lose a Mission when one of your survivors falls; rather, if all living members of your team accomplish the objective and reach the exit, you will complete the Mission and move on. Missions cannot be replayed once they have been won, but players may retry a Mission that they could not complete. Progress toward the objectives is saved between attempts; for example, if a Mission objective directed you to "Kill 20 Walkers" and you managed to take out 10 before your survivors were eliminated, you could try again and only need to kill the remaining 10 walkers to complete the Mission.
Only the players who have the most powerful Survivors and unmatched skill will be able to make it to the end of The Distance. But there are great rewards for everyone who dares to start walking along this dangerous road...

Damage and Healing:

Damage dealt to your Survivors while playing these Missions is not healed in the Hospital Tent as normal. It is also not removed between Missions. Instead, the damage your Survivors take will persist between Missions in the Distance. This means you may start a Mission with a Survivor that has very little Health left, so be sure to check your team between Missions! Once a Survivor is defeated in a Distance Mission, they cannot be used again for any Mission in that instance of the Distance campaign. You may lose all of your Survivors before reaching the end of the final Mission, but you can always upgrade your team and try again in a future event.

Damage to Survivors and Heroes in this game mode does not cross over into other game modes.
A character that is damaged or defeated in The Distance can still be used normally in other game modes, like the Challenge. A character that was injured in another game mode and is recovering in the Hospital will still be usable in The Distance.

Damage done to enemies in The Distance is cleared between Mission attempts. If your team falls in combat, enemies you partially damaged will be returned to full health when your next team returns to the Mission. Between Missions in The Distance, the player can pay Gold to restore some Health to every damaged member of their roster. Heroes and Survivors that were completely defeated cannot be healed, however.

If you unlock any Heroes or finds new Survivors after starting The Distance, those characters will be available for use right away to help push your whole team forward.

Costs and Rewards:

Missions in The Distance cost 4 Gas for each attempt.
Each Mission along the way offers a set reward for completion, but no Mission crates. Weapon and Armor rewards will have random Traits. Class and Hero Tokens and Components are also found here, so hopefully everyone finds a reward that they are looking for!

The Distance is available for 24 hours each time that it occurs. Players will not be able to start a new Distance Mission once the timer for the event expires.
If all of your Survivors fall in combat, or you complete the entire series of Missions [good luck!], you can pay Gold to Reset the entire series. Your Survivors and Heroes will be restored to full Health, but your progress along the series of Missions will start from the beginning. This way, players can earn a second set of rewards without needing to wait for the next venture into The Distance.

For the first several weeks after launch, The Distance will be run twice each week at the following times:

Weekday Event
Start: Tuesday, 12:00 UTC
End: Wednesday, 12:00 UTC

Weekend Event
Start: Saturday, 12:00 UTC
End: Sunday, 12:00 UTC

Furthermore, the first Distance event will be on Tuesday, the 12th of September. This gives everyone time to level up their rosters and collect a few Badges as they prepare for their first trip into the unknown. We hope that players who enjoy the Challenges are able to try out The Distance at the time that works best for them. If needed, we may adjust the schedule to make the events better for our players, and will announce any changes to this schedule in-game as soon as they are determined.
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