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With your new resources, the Craftsman can build you new items called Badges to increase your chances to thrive and survive in the wilderness. More progress along The Distance, and higher scores in the Challenges await your Survivors once they are equipped with these new, powerful pieces of Equipment. Both The Craftsman and The Scavenger become available at council level 15.

Creating a Badge requires the following resources:
- A previously built Scavenger and Craftsman building [see Components, above].
- One 'Badge Fragment' Component of any rarity.
- Four other Components of any rarity: Cloth, Metal, Chemicals, or Edibles in any combination.
- A small amount of Supplies [the exact amount is based on your Council Level].

Spending these resources in the Craftsman will reward you with one Badge with the following randomly-chosen characteristics:

   One Effect
     - Effects include increased Damage, Health, Critical Chance, and more.

     - Badges of Higher Rarity have greater effects.
     - Use higher-rarity Components to increase the chance of getting higher-Rarity Badges.
     - With high enough total Component Rarity, the minimum Rarity of the resulting Badge will increase.

   Bonus Condition
     - Most Badges will have a special condition that, when fulfilled, will increase the effects of the Badge.
     - Bonus conditions include:
       - The equipped Survivor has a specified Trait.
       - Another member of your team is a Specified Hero or Survivor class.

   A Set, shown in the visual pattern of the Badge
     - Equipping four Badges of the same Set to a single Survivor will activate a Set Bonus, which increases the effect of all such matching Badges on that Survivor.

- Each Badge can only be equipped into a Badge slot with a matching shape.

- The number of badges you can have is equal to six times the number of survivor slots that you have plus and additional 100. This is including the Badges equipped to your Survivors. If you reach this limit, You will need to select and scrap some Badges from your inventory before you can make any more Badges.

- You can equip a Survivor with a Badge by selecting the Badges tab of the Survivor Screen. An indicator will appear on any empty slot for which you have a Badge in your inventory. You can remove a Badge from a Survivor for a small Gold fee, or you can overwrite and scrap an old Badge by placing a new one in the same slot. Scrapped Badges award you with an amount of XP based on your Council Level.

- When you are selecting a team for a Mission, you will see an indicator for each Team member that has one or more Badges equipped that tells you how many of these Badges have their conditions filled.
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