Update Notes - Challenge Round Pass, Bugs and Balancing

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New Hero - Aaron
The determined and persistent tracker and former diplomat Aaron Joins No Man's Land as a Shooter. His Leader Trait "Teamwork" matches Aaron's hopes that people can work together to overcome the apocalypse:

Leader Trait - "Teamwork": Successive attacks by your team made on the same target deal 12% more damage. [Upgradeable to 28%] Focus your attacks on a single enemy, and each one after the first will be even more powerful. This even works on groups of enemies hit by your Assaults, Hunters, and Warriors!
Unlocking Aaron will be no small task - Aaron's tokens are not found in the Radio calls, Token Crates, or Season Missions. Instead, you will need to venture into the Distance to earn his tokens. It will take a dedicated search and rescue effort to extract Aaron from the Distance, and the most devoted and skillful players will achieve this unlock before anyone else.

Challenge Round Passes
Success in the Challenges takes skill, determination, strategy, and time. We're working to improve the Challenge experience for everyone, starting with this feature that will allow players to reach better rewards and higher difficulties faster than before.

Players participating in the Challenge will collect a new item - the Round Pass - after completing 5 Rounds of Missions. Two new counters appear on the Challenge Screen to help you keep track of the number of Rounds you have completed and Round Passes earned during this Challenge.
At the start of the next Challenge, any Round Passes you have earned will be automatically used. If you do not play the Challenges in a given week, your Round Passes will be discarded without effect.

When your Round Passes are used, several effects will occur:
You will skip past one Round of the Challenge for each Round Pass you earned the previous week, thus starting one Round further than you would have otherwise.
This also means that the Difficulty of the first round you play will be increased.
For example, if you earned 3 Round Passes last week, you will start play with the fourth round this week, and the difficulty will be set accordingly.

Some Challenge Rewards will be doubled for one round for each Round Pass used:
    Stars earned for completing Missions are doubled.
    Stars earned for completing a Round are doubled.
    Trade Goods earned by completing rounds are doubled.
    If you earn a Round Pass while the reward doubling is in effect, the Round Pass will also be doubled!
    If multiple Round Passes were used, these doubled rewards will carry on for the same number of Rounds.

1) Last week, you started the Challenge at Difficulty 12 and played 15 Rounds of Challenge Missions and thus earned 3 Round Passes.
2) This week, when you start the Challenge, your Round Passes are used, and the first three Rounds are skipped. The first Round you will play this week is Difficulty 15.
3) When you complete each Mission in this Round, you earn double Stars. A Perfect Victory is worth 6 Stars!
4) After completing all six Missions, you receive 30 stars for completing the Difficulty 15 Round and 800 TG. Normally, your first completed round would have earned 12 Stars for a Difficulty 12 Round and 400 TG.
5) The next 2 Rounds also give double rewards, for a total of three Rounds of doubled rewards [matching the three Round Passes that were used].
6) When you have finished playing 5 Rounds in this week's Challenge, you earn your first Round Pass to be used next week.

Balancing Changes:

Retiring Survivors
The number of Class Tokens refunded to a player when retiring a Survivor now takes into account the current rarity of the Survivor [from Common through Legendary] instead of the original rarity of the Survivor. Elite Survivors will be counted as Legendary for this calculation.

Trait Percentage Maximum Values
The maximum chance for a Critical Hit with a normal attack is 90%.
The maximum amount of Damage Reduction that a player can utilize is 80%.
If game effects, Traits, or Badges would increase a player's total chance for Critical Hits or total Damage Reduction above these maximums, they will be reduced to the maximums stated above. This change encourages players to seek out multiple beneficial effects for their character and team setups rather than focusing on a single effect that may lead to unfair gameplay.

Outpost Building Upgrades
In a prior update, the unlock level and building upgrade levels for the Outpost building were changed. The costs and building times for the Outpost building upgrades have now been changed to better match other buildings that upgrade at the same points in the game.

Bug Fixes and Improvements
The list of Suggested Guilds in the Guild Search menu is created more intelligently. These Guilds are picked to better match the location, player level, and/or activity of the searching player. Additionally, guilds who require approval will not be shown in the list of Suggested Guilds. These can still be found via a normal Guild Search. Other Guild Search functionality has been preserved. Guild Leaders, be on the lookout for some new applicants!

Several Combat visual effects have been improved.

Some Camp Buildings have had their appearances altered, and these buildings' appearances will evolve more as the building is upgraded.
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