What's New in Update 2.7?

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The hardest trial so far awaits for you in The Walking Dead: No Man’s Land! Can you go the Distance and join the ranks of the elite? The all new crafting feature will help you and your team of survivors to reach even higher difficulties!

The Distance
   - New game mode - players who have reached Council level 18 can put their skills to use in the new endurance game mode - The Distance!
   - The rewards match the challenge as different amazing rewards drop each time that the Distance event occurs. Can you go The Distance?

   - New buildings - players who have reached Council level 15 will have access to new buildings for crafting
   - Craft badges and assign them to your survivors to master even tougher challenges
   - Earn components and try out different formulas for the best results

New Challenges
   - Two new Challenge maps - Explore the Farmlands and the Army Base
   - Round Pass - Skip the lowest challenge rounds and earn more rewards

Fixes and Improvements
   - Improving Token values for scrapping a survivor take into account the current rarity of the survivor
   - Guild search improvements - Be on the lookout for some new guild applicants!
   - Combat is flashier than ever!

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