Outpost mecanic's

Hi everyone , how do the reward in outpost work ?
Why sometime i get 300 tg and sometime 500 tg ?
I only get 10 influence point and my lower level friend get 30 ?


  • If they have their walker pit upgraded you will get more TG.
  • I believe tg are somewhat random. I have my walker pit maxed but still on raid I'll receive between approx. 350 - 550 on average. Influence is usually only 10 once your at gold tier3 or above but on occasion it might be up to 25 or about.
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  • TG have a lot to do with the strength of the outpost you are raiding. A full roster of upgraded walkers usually means 500+ TG. If it has mostly low level walkers, the rewards are significantly less.

    Influence points are based on the difference of your player level, and the defenders player level. So if you are a relatively new/low leveled player, and you raid someone way above yourself, the potential influence points are better.
    Usually, 10-13 pts is the base for equal levelled players.

    Losing a raid, whether against a high or low level player compared to yourself, is always a significant lose of influence, so make sure you end the battle before that happens.
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