What is the worst season of The Walking Dead

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What is the worst season of The Walking Dead 16 votes

Season 2
General_QuatreDcMTechfallzsradu 4 votes
Season 6
Bryan18 1 vote
Season 7
stevie05TroublemakerCaptainslayerflyingcowkingMabikiT_12guido_Lily__Katherine_twdncgan 10 votes
ekimhclew 1 vote


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    Season 7
    None of the seasons were 'Unwatchable'
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    Season 7
    lol the main reason why people are voting for s2 is because it was spent too much time on the farm, which i completely agree with, but originally they were only supposed to stay for only a few episodes, but due to darabonts departure and budget issues, they had to remain there for 13 episodes. i honestly think s7 was the worst. it was uneventful and directionless, while s2 did a fantastic job with cliffhangers and character development, also giving us a few episodes that made the show shine, including 18 miles out, better angles, save the last one, and beside the dying fire
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