Game/Challenge Weighting different depending on player

Watching Videos of the Different Maps seem to be weighted differently depending on player at +3 RSL all my weapons lose effectiveness and I'm 63 with 2/3 of my toons at LV 22 well equipped with LV 25 weps and Armor with exemption of Warriors, Scouts, and Bruisers have 1 good 1 from each also 9 single pinks no heros are pink. I'll play the same map as the videos some a level down same XP Armor with completely different outcome their weps kill mine a lot less traits aside I have all the best in most cases help me understand and input greatly appreciated


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    @GAAKman, a lot of the videos are "best of". The same map may be played & recorded many times until the perfect setup comes along. Those are the ones shown.
    "Really? Good luck with that!"
  • Given that like for like should preform identical you'd think but that's not the case I'm convinced for me it's like a curtain comes down and my weapons are useless I noticed it 3 weeks ago I believe they modified something for me at level 26 of the challenge I'm done before I've almost made it to 29 not great but now at 26 it sucks
  • Also thanks for input Artisans
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